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Delivery, Tracking, Shipping Internationally
RENSON / 2012-05-13

1.Ship Internatinally?


    We mainly ship ouside of China.


2. How do I track my order?

     Order Tracking Information will be sent to your email address as soon as it is available at the stage of order confirmation, order shipped out, estimated arrival time, 1 month follow-up for the use status. Status of orders processing will be listed under your order No. Check this in user center.

    You can also call, or email us. Happy to track your package shipping status.


3. What is the holiday shipping schedule?

New Year's Day

Spring Festival

Lantern Festival

International Working Women's Day

Ching Ming Festival / Tomb-Sweeping Festival

International Labour Day

Dragon Boat Festival

Mid-autumn(Moon) Festival

National Day

New Year's Eve

January 1st                                                                                                          

Lunar Calendar January 1st

Lunar Calendar January 15th

March 8th

April 5th

May 1st

Lunar Calendar May 5th

Lunar Calendar August 15th

October 1st

Lunar Calendar December 30


4. How long does shipping take?

     Express is about 3 to 7 working days.

    Ocean transprotation will take 15 to 50 days. This depends on the logistics companies and your address.


5. What happens if an item is out of stock in your order?

    We will email you the out of stock items let you decide wait or cancel the items this time.

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