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Drive and Head Styles
By Connie Leung / 2016-10-02

Phillips Drive

Frearson Drive

Pozidriv Drive

Slotted Drive

Combo Drive

Hex Socket Drive

Square Drive

Torx Drive

Phillips Drive

is common in screws. It's prone to cam-out.

 Frearson Drive

is very similiar to phillips but less prone to cam-out.

Pozidriv Drive

is similiar to phillips and also less cam-out.


Slotted Drive

is common in screws and prone to cam-out.

Combo Drive

can be used for both phillips and slotted drive tools.

Hex Socket Drive

Also called Allen drive. it's prone to cam-out.

Square Drive

is resistant to cam-out. Can be installed by hand.

Torx Drive

is less prone to cam-out and compact to drive.



Hex heads

Pan heads

Flat heads

Round heads

Oval heads

Truss heads

Socket heads

Button heads

Hex Heads

are the most common used  and tightened with a hex wrench.

Pan Heads

have a domed head above the surface.



Flat Heads

are installed in a countersunk(csk) hole for a flat surface.


Round Heads

is a higher domed heads and used for decorative purposes.

Oval Heads

is a lower domed and CSK heads used for decorative purposes.

Truss Heads

is slightly domed with a wide head for extra large surface aera. 

Socket Heads

has both smooth and knurled sides with a socket drive.

Button Heads

medium domed heads with a hex socket drive.



Measuring Diameter

TPI and Thread Pitch

Length Measurment

How to choose fasteners

 Fasteners diameter measurement

Normally, the diameter is measured on the ouside of the threads. We also called it outter diameter.  If our fasteners is 3/4'' diameter which means outter diameter.


US diameter under 1/4'' are given as numbers(e.g.#10) in stead of inches.









 thread counts per inch(TPI)

TPI(Threads Per Inch)(US) which specify Thread counts.  Which means the thread density of the machine threaded fasteners. Please see our US Coarse and Fine Threads Per Inch (TPI)


For metric fasteners specify as thread pitch in mm. Please see our
Metric Coarse and Fine Thread Pitch Table


The TIP or Pitch we normally sell is coarse(standard). There are fine and super fine threads are available.






fasteners length

Length is usually measured from the shank end of the fasteners to where the shank is assumed to start.

Countersunk(CSK is abbreviation) fasteners are measured overall.

Non-countersunk fasteners are measured from the bearing surface(under the head) to the shank end point.


How to choose fasteners

Diameter tolerance and TPI is extremly important to guarantee you nuts and washer sizes are fit to the bolt.


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