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Marking Machine Info
News Dept. / 2017-04-14
Marking machine is a broad concept, it is mainly divided into pneumatic, laser, electrical corrosion of three types. It is largely used to mark the permanent identification on various metal and hard plastic workpieces.

Pneumatic marking machine is controlled by the computer. And the stylus pin to do the high-frequency impact movent by compressed air. And the marking depth is adjustable.

Laser marking machine is used to make identifications fast. Marking effect through the surface of the evaporation of the material exposed to deep, thus carved out exquisite patterns, trademarks and text

Electrical corrosion mainly printing fixed unchanged trademarks, like seal, but the printing content change is not convenient.


Direct Part Marking(DPM) ● Compliance Marking ● Programmable Marking ● Component Identification ● Serial Numbering ● Component Traceability ● Steel Stock Marking ● Aluminium Plate, Tag and Pipe Marking ● Cast and Forge Marking ● Logo Marking ● Security Marking ● Health & Safety Applicance Marking ● Certification Marking ● Time & Date Marking ● Part or Equipment Numbering ● Batch & Shift Coding ● Calibration Marking ● Various Metal Label Marking ● Metal Sheet Marking etc.

Dot Peen Pin Marking Machine

Benchtop Dot Peen Marking Machines
WIFSS-BDPM-2 Benchtop Dot Peen Marking Machine
WIFSS-BDPM-2D Datamatrix Coding Machine
WIFSS-BDPM-2DB Benchtop Dot Marking Machine
WIFSS-BDPM-2M Column-based Dot Peen Marking Machine
WIFSS-BDPM-1M Stand-alone Dot Peen Marking Machine
WIFSS-BDPM-Z Circumferential Dot Peen Marking Machine
WIFSS-BDPM-MP Versatile Plate Numbering Machine

Portable Handheld Dot Peen Marking Machines
WIFSS-PDPM-HY,HR,HB Light Weight Handheld Dot Pin Marking Machine
WIFSS-PDPM-MG Handheld Dot Pin Marking Machine
WIFSS-PDPM-HE Handheld Electromagnetic Dot Peen Marking Machine

Portable Electromagnetic Marking Machines
DBG-EG1, EG2, EG3 Portable Electromagnetic Marking Machine
Customized Marking solutions


Engraving/Scribing Marking Machine

Benchtop Low-noise Continuous Line Scribe Marking Machines
DBS-6A Benchtop Scribe Marking Machine
DBS-6B Integrated Hanging Marker Head
DBS-6E Portable Electromagnetic Marking Machine



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Features of Our Marking Machines
Lightweight Portable Hand Held Dot Peen Pin Makring Machine


>Lightweight & ergonomic handheld dot peen machine allowing the marker to be taken to the part, especially useful when marking very large and heavy parts.

 >Equipped with WIFSS-D controller. Its screen, keyboard and integrated software, allows input, edit, save etc. Function to be completed independently and conveniently.

>PC(laptop) or No PC option is available for selection makes the handheld marker easy to mobile and convenient to mark on parts. 



>Wide range of application: its multiple purpose tooling allows horizontal or vertical marking. Moreover, customized tooling can easily be designed and fitted to the WIFSS-PDPM-02 Handheld Markers to adapt all your components and parts.

>A large diversity of parts: The machine allows the marking of parts with different surfaces: cast or machined surfaces, flat, straight, angular, circular, and inversed or mirror marking mode.

>Only one marking tools. The same marking tools give you permanent and indelible mark on metals, plastics, GRP( glass-reinforced plastics), wood or other materials.


Ergonomic and Easy to Use

>Ready to use: The WIFSS-PDPM-02 Handheld Markers adapted handheld portable marker head comes supplied with a WIFSS-D controller and can be used easily. Its' built-in marking software and 10.4 cun(6.2 inches) LCD screen markes the WIFSS-PDPM-02 Handheld Markers easy to use and mobile.

>User-Friendly: The integrated marking software is very easy to program and adapt to your making requirements, Its' simplicity allows many operators to use the equipment without in-depth training. 

>Ergonomic: Its ergonomic design makes the WIFSS-PDPM-02 Handheld Markers suitable for left and right hand people, A balancing hook is also designed for option.


Low Cost

>Low mainenance: The robust and reliable mahinces of the WIFSS-PDPM-02 Handheld Marking head and controller require li 

ttle maintenance.

>Cost effective: Compared to other marking technologies, the WIFSS-PDPM-02 Handheld Markers requires no additional consumables, Therefore, it is most effective and productive marking system to run. 

Benchtop Dot Peen/Pin Marking Machine

Rigid column, high accuracy, fully programmable, electromagnetic or pneumatic do tpeen marking machine.

>Energy: Pneumatic or electromagnetic

>User-Friendly & Multi-languages

>Air filter for filtering the impurities to guarantee the air pressure.

>Data matrix reader: collect your data, mark, barcodes and datamatrix reading marking.

>Integrated marking software: Easily create file and save it, wizard to create special text.

>Enhanced preview on a LCD screen. Connection to a large database for report printing.

>Adaptable for harsh environment. Robust marking machines need a little maintenance.

>Expandable modular: Various fixtures (plate holder, rotary device, magnetic clamping etc.) to make your parts marking flexibly and easily.

>Offers various servicing kits, depending on your requirements and the way you use it.

Engraving/Scribing Marking Machine

>VIN code marking machine-scribing system generating high quality continous style marks on materials ranging from plastics to hardened steel.

>Extreme low noise operations

>Large marking envelope up to 300x150mm

>Rigid column and robust ball screw mechanism guarantee the precision of the marks.

>Equipped with rotary device and programmed batch height positioning.

>Low running costs and virtually no consumables cots.

>Very large embeded graphical display.

>Simple to use menu system software, on-screen mark preview and trail-run features.

> Advanced standard features incl. serial numbering, passwords, arc marking, etc.

>Various communication ports and I/O.


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Our marking machines are widely used in automobiles, motorcycles and accessories, aerospace, petroleum, mechanism, steel, firefighting, various instrument electronic devices, and mark on accessories & labels made by steel, metal, plastic, wood as well as non-metal material and etc...

>Direct Part Marking (DPM)
>Compliance Marking
>Programmable Marking
>Component Identification
>Component Traceability
>Metal and Nonmetals Numbering- Serial number, lot number, stock number, batch number…
>Aluminum, Copper, Iron, Stainless steel Name Plate, Tag , labels and Pipe Marking
>Cast and Forge Marking
>Logo Marking
>Security Marking
>Health & Safety Appliance Marking
>Certification Marking
>Time & Date Marking
>Part or Equipment Numbering
>Coding- 2D codes, Datamatrix, Batch & Shift Coding
>Calibration Marking
>Metal Sheet Embossing

Clients and Partners

Business Philosophy

>Enterprise purpose: To provide personal development opportunities, to increase efficiency for enterprise, to create wealth for society.

>Business ideas: User + personal + collective = development

>Quality policy: Excellent quality, management efficiency, and overall quality consciousness---The most reliable quality


>Enterprise style: Honesty, diligence, science, organization, innovation, documentation

>Development Foundation: good business, guarantees reliable, good attitude.

>Principles of management: clearly, plainly, solidarity, thanks to people, restraint, dedication to business and cherish everything.

After-sales Services

One year guarantee for product quality. (People damaged is charged).

Lifelong maintenance and spare parts supply.

Free design of fixtures as customers required.

Free training for machines installation and operation of  the staffs.

Free samples marking of customer provided.

Return and Feedbacks

>We provide the main component for each marking machine, because we do not have the maintenance department at overseas. You can send back the problem spare parts to maintenance or replacement the new spare parts for your marker.
>We depend on our domestic reputation and customer satisfaction to succeed. Therefore, your feedback is extremely important to us.
>If you have any particular suggestions or questions on our products, please feel free to contact us. We will be very grateful and reply your email or fax within 24 hours.

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