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Bonus Points and Voucher
By Jacquiline Chow / 2012-05-13

RENSON Bonus Points for our users.


How can you get the bonus points?

1.  You buy products each time, you will get the bonus points.

2.  Share our products, advertisements and send the shared 5 links to us you will get 1 bonus points. Each bonus points you can be used buy products as 1 dollar cash.

3.  Our annual sale or some festivals, we will send the bonus points to our users as a gift.




Voucher is certainly for the festival or annual sale. Keep watching everything on our websites. We will distribute voucher/coupons anytime if necessary.


Note: RENSON is a flexible company and if you have good ideas, you can leave us messages. Once we confirmed, you will get extra bonus points.

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